Valet Parking


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Summer Kick Off Event!

summer party

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Jersey Shore Restaurant Week

April 13th-22nd!

Call now to make your reservations!jsrw2018.jpg

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St. Patrick’s Day Specials

st pat

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God Bless Lunch Break

God Bless Lunch Break

I have been working with Lunch Break for just about 25 years and watched them grow toward being a major player providing lunches, groceries, clothing and social assistance to thousands of families in need of basic necessities.
This past week they have gone beyond in helping people in distress.  Three weeks ago a fire consumed the house at 557 Manhasset Ave, In Asbury Park.   There were three apartments..In one of them was living Jayme, our great bartender with two friends.  They lost everything but their clothes.  The have managed to find another apartment to move into in Red Bank but had no money for furniture, beds etc.
On a hunch, I called Kate at Lunch Break and explained the situation to see if ever furniture was ever donated.  I sent her this message and after reading she said   “I’m on it. Will start posting tomorrow. Fire was in long branch? When?”

“It was three weeks ago, at four in the morning at 557 Manhasset Avenue.  It was in the Asbury Park Press.

There are three of them… they got an apartment in Red Bank but all they have is their clothes… they need everything… beds, dressers, sofas, chairs, kitchen chairs, couch etc.

It is Jayme, my Bartender he’s great and has been with me for a number of years.  I think the only thing they have is a television we got for them.

Dining room chairs? Coffee table, really EVERY THING. Heres my email.”

She  put this out over the Lunch Break email blast…she called me last week and told me to have Jayme respond to her…the wires lit up with donations of furniture…so much so she need him to answer them and check them our to pick up what is being donated..
I love this organization …it has far reaching help to a large part of our community in need.

THANK YOU Kate and Miss Love, acting director

Danny Murphy Jr.
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Mom’s Sunday Sauce

Mom’s Sunday Sauce

By: Daniel Murphy Jr.

      Growing up Italian many of our dishes were based on Mom’s Tomato Sauce and every Italian Family knew that their Mom’s Sauce was the best.  Of course it was, it was what we grew up on.  Every sauce was a bit different, each with its own receipt passed down over the years.  My grandmother taught my Mother and Aunt.  Each was good but each was different.  My Aunt taught my cousin Rosy by her standing next to Aunt Katy, matching every move and spice was eye measured or just a handful of each.  Still they were always different.

      Whether it was the spicing measured by hand, how many times it was stirred or the time simmering….every sauce was different and of course my Mom’s was the best.. at least to me.  Over the years I have made that sauce over and over…came out good but not as good as Mom’s. Although we are a steak house today, we were an Italian restaurant for 20 years. Our menu and specials today carry a few Italian dishes made with my Mom’s receipt.  Teaching my very talented chefs how to make the sauce was frustrating….good but not mine or my Mom’s.

      While working with new imports, I came across fine chopped peeled tomatoes from Italy.  Using a saute pan, I used fine Italian olive oil, finely sliced fresh garlic, basil, salt and pepper and a touch of fresh oregano.  When the garlic was translucent, I added the tomatoes and simmered for five minutes.  I added the Ala dent’ pasta allowing it to coat pasta and poured it into a pasta dish.  It was wonderful, fresh, light and always consistent.  It is not my mom’s or yours perhaps, but it works…and does not take hours of simmering…not saying I will not me using Mom’s for special dishes.

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Valentine’s Day 2018


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