2012 Restaurant Wine List Awards!

Dear Daniel Murphy
Congratulations! Your 2012 Restaurant Wine List Awards application for Danny’s Grill & Wine Bar has been judged, and you have earned a Wine Spectator award for your wine program.
Your restaurant will be listed in our annual dining guide in   the August 31, 2012 issue of Wine Spectator. At this time, the specific level of your award will be announced. Our website, WineSpectator.com, will be updated with the winners shortly after the issue becomes public.
Please note that this information is confidential and embargoed until our August 31st issue is made public on August 1. You are not authorized to publicize your award in any way until then. Failure to honor this embargo may result in the withdrawal of your award. We thank you for your cooperation.
In the past, unauthorized companies have solicited our award winners with offers to purchase plaques highlighting their award, for a fee.   These companies are not affiliated with Wine Spectator in any way. Your official Wine Spectator award certificate will be mailed to you directly from us, at no charge, in July.
Thank you for participating in the program–your customers and our readers appreciate your efforts.
Nathan Wesley
Restaurant Wine List Awards Manager
Wine Spectator
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