Getting The Pits & Stem From Apple

Written By: Daniel Murphy Jr

I have been and Verizon/apple phone customer for years now, however we are now starting to get the pits from them. We were recently given the new Apple program to download. We were not informed that if you have and apple 4 and downloaded  the program your battery life would be horribly diminished by about 2/3rd’s. If  you have not done so do not download Apple’s new program if you have an older phone. 
I went to my Verizon store only to be told that this was done by the Apple company to cause people to have to buy a new Apple 5 phone.  I was told this at two different employee there told me the same thing happened to his mother. Can we download the old program back…”nope” “What did she do?” I asked.  She had to buy a new phone.  
New phone $99 or $199 for Apple S.  So now you have to buy the phone, you get one power an additional power cord (of course a new type) for $20 and a car charger for $30 and the shape of the phone is different so the beautiful case you have with your kids picture on the back or business card in my case is worthless.  New case…priceless or whatever.  
We have loved Apple for years now and they made billions of dollars. I guess that was not enough so now as we fight to pay our bills in this economy we are getting hammered.   Bottom line I will keep my Apple 4 plugged in until it dies and then I will look at the LG 4G or any other brand I look into.  You might want to do the same 
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