Deal Local

Deal Local
by Daniel Murphy Jr
I have always been a fan of working with local businesses. This holds true to most of the things I love about the Red Bank area. Having a relationship with the businesses you deal with- helps you develop a sense of unity and trust that you seldom have when dealing with outside or large companies. This holds true in most cases and sometimes in areas you don’t expect.

Within the 47 years of being in business I have had working relationships with a number of banks both local and nationwide. I have always fared well with smaller local banks and this time my local bank came through me where the majors would not have.

I want to thank Robert Mangano and the staff at 1st Constitution Bank for the amazing job they performed on the financing in buying a new home. When I explained what I needed to the branch manager at the Shrewsbury office he said he would have someone call me. The manager called me the next day and had set up an appointment for me with Robert Magnano President and CEO of 1st Constitution at Danny’s at 4 PM. When I asked why Mr. Mangano would take the time for a business as small Danny’s, he said I was a local asset and customer that the bank would want to assist.

When I met with Mr. Mangano the only way I can describe him was a true professional, with the attitude of a Dutch Uncle. I explained what was going on in my financial life and that my accountant of 19 years had fallen ill and my records were in limbo. After checking out Danny’s building from top to bottom and asking me a number of questions he gave me a list of 10 things he wanted me to address to 1st Constitution Bank finance department and mortgage department. Within 3 months I was able to close on the home for myself and my family thanks to Robert Mangano , Marty Zoller, Janice King, and all the management staff at 1st Constitution. As stated before always been a fan of local businesses. More today than yesterday.
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