By Daniel Murphy

When is the state and country going to realize the depth of the dangers of driver’s texting while they are driving?  The GSP is loaded with people driving too fast, cutting in an out of traffic at high rates of speed and all the while texting or reading the texts or talking on the phone with the phone at their ear.  There were four major accidents on the Parkway in the last few days.  I am sure they were caused by any one of the reasons above.  On 4/13, there were 3 accidents during the morning rush. One resulted in a death between exit 89 and 91 all of which caused major ties lasting for hours.

I don’t believe that 90% of the drivers on the road have driving skills to be able to drive at 85-90 MPH in addition while tailgating and texting.  Texting has been determined to be as dangerous as driving drunk.  It is time to impose the same penalties for texting while driving as it would be in a DWI. It would be major fines, loss of license and major increases in their insurance premiums.  Sound hard?…ask the family of the person that died today.  Ask the dental surgeon that was knocked of the road by a driver cutting in, both legs and his hand are permanently damaged.  Ask the hundreds of drivers that have been injured badly do to their driving or bad driving by others. Ask the thousands of drivers that sat at a standstill for hours on the parkway.  And finally ask any of our State Troopers and EMS volunteers what they experience and see daily on our roads.

Call your legislators to change the regulations.  It might save the life of your father, mother, son or daughter.


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