By: Daniel Murphy Jr. 

       On my way to Tiffany’s for a catering event, I turned off of Broad Street onto Harding Road. As I was turning left onto Clay Street, which goes behind Garmony and Tiffany’s, I was stunned by a large mural being painted on a large white building. Coming out of the roof was the amazing sculptor of the “Men on the Beam” from a picture in 1932. Passing the front door, the architecture was not only beautifully well done but left no doubt that something big was happening in Red Bank.

      Stopping and entering the front door I was introduced to “ Detour Art Gallery,” the brain child of Ken Schwartz. The building had been there for years and been last used by Surry Luggage to store, print and send out their luxury suitcases, office items and briefcases. Ken Schwartz saw the building, being an art collector, saw the potential of creating an international art studio. That was the beginning and over the last two years the three story steel girder and cinder block building has been transformed into an astonishing gallery that will put Red Bank on the international map for artists and art collectors around the world.

      If that sounds like a stretch , you have to enter the building and see what Detour has created. From what I saw, it will rival most galleries in the U.S. Starting on the first and second floors, there are pure white, enormous wall space that encompasses the entire inside of the building, perfect for hanging paintings of just about any size. These run throughout three large rooms. Both upstairs and down large sliding steel and wire walls stand in their own sections able to hold hundreds of art works. It is hard to capture in words what has been created. 

      Major roles for its creation are Ken Schwartz, art collector and financial coordinator. Tara Amelchnoko, designer, curator, organizer and architectural director (just about everything). Rune Egenes, Tara’s partner in crime in creating Detour and Shannon Bonifas, artist, designer and PR energizer bunny.

      More stories to follow as I work and learn more about Detour that will also put Red Bank on the International art world map!

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