A Fifty Year Love Story

A Fifty Year Love Story
by Daniel Murphy

November 1, 2016

A business friend I have known for forty years called last Friday.  He asked me if I was still catering and if so, could I do a dinner party for 2.  I asked what he had in mind and he told me he wanted to have a dinner at his home for two. He had missed his fiftieth wedding anniversary on July 28th due to being in the hospital with pneumonia and fighting stage 4 lung cancer for the last four years.

He wanted to give his wife a dinner party to celebrate their fifty years together.  I said I would be right over. Chuck met me at the door wearing oxygen attached to a forty foot hose.  He still had the same feisty demeanor and we talk about what he had gone through during the past 4 years.  “This really sucks but you know that you did a bit with cancer in 2004,” all I could do was nod.

“Here is what I want.  I want a three hour dinner.   At 7PM, I want two great shrimp cocktails.   At 8PM, I  want a 12 oz Filet with a baked potato and a 2 lb lobster for my wife with a sweet potato.    At 9PM, I want two great desserts and a glass of B & B.”  I said no problem and I would deliver each course at exactly those times. He said great cause I don’t think I’m going to make it to the fiftieth first one.

Starting on it right away I called Doug at Lusty Lobster and told him I needed the best 2 lb lobster he could get me.  When I told  him what it was for…he said “No problem this one is on me”  I love that man.  Working with my new executive chef, Vincent, we found some really great large shrimp and he is cutting a 12 oz center cut filet as I write this.  The lobster will be taken apart and plated open shelled.  Chuck’s wife is only 90 lbs and breaking the shell would be tough for anyone.

I will be leaving here at 6:45 to deliver a love filled  dinner for man that wants to make sure his wife has their fiftieth  anniversary dinner.  I will leave each hour after that with the next course until dessert.  For me this will be the most important dinner I have ever catered.

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